Weekend rates:  (Friday after 5pm to Monday 6:30am.) $75.00 additional charge

Travel fee: If we have to travel more than 25 miles away from our shop, there will be additional charge of $25.00

Septic Inspections: $150.00 for inspection only, if we pump at the same time, the cost goes down to $75.00

Service agreement: (needed to get a permit from the local health dept.) $125.00 for agreement only, the cost goes down to $50.00 if we pump the same day.

Basement Restoration: Will Pump septic, water, or any other non toxic liquid from basement or crawlspace.  The cost for that service varies depending on the amount of liquid being pumped from the area. We will also remedy the contaminated area by cleaning and disinfecting the area. Normal rates for that service is listed below.

  • $110.00 per. 3hr. min (Portal to Portal)
  • $45.00 per extra tech per hour. if needed
  • $0.35 to $.86 per gallon pumped depending on what the liquid consists of.
  • 15% fuel surcharge  off vac. Truck time only
  • $100.00 wash out fee, if the liquids contain oil, gas, or any other chemical.

Removal of oil, fuel, or septic tanks:  We will pump and demo tanks that are either unusable or being replaced. Call for pricing or for a free quote Prices above also goes for this type of pumping as well.

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