Water Damage Services

Water Damage Clean-up

A & B Sanitation is your Columbus, Ohio area contractor that helps business owners and home owners recover following unexpected property disasters. Our flood cleanup crews are on standby ready to assist property owners in Ohio 24/7 for any type of water damage disaster.

Water can be very problematic when it is finds its way into places you don’t want it. If a pipe burst and it runs under your house into the foundation, it can cause a very expensive problem, especially if it is not caught right away. Water damage can also mean standing water which can cause mold to grow and then you have an added health risk to deal with.

Water Damage Professionals100% Guaranteed Lancaster

For all your water damage clean-up needs, contact the water damage professionals at A & B Sanitation. We can help and you will be left with peace of mind and a property in pre-loss condition.

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